Why Insurance Companies Don’t Want You Hiring a Lawyer

McGuire Law, PLC

When an auto accident occurs, the insurance company that insures the other driver is usually the first to respond to the accident scene. Motor vehicle insurance policies require that the insured immediately contact their insurance company. The reason for that policy requirement is to give the insurance company the opportunity to have its adjuster investigate the scene promptly in the hopes that the injured will settle the case before he or she has a chance to hire a car accident lawyer. The insurance company adjuster will often discourage you from hiring a personal injury attorney. The adjuster knows that in a high percentage of cases, the injured person will accept a settlement that is extremely low, especially when the injured person wants money immediately.

For example, we recently had a case where a young lady came into our office to see if we thought the settlement of $7,500 was a fair settlement offered by the insurance company. She sustained a 4-inch cut in a collision with the insurance company’s insured vehicle. She was treated at the hospital on the day of the accident and released. She returned to the hospital later that day with vaginal bleeding and was concerned because she was 19 weeks pregnant. The insurance company convinced her that this was not related to the accident because the membrane tear was something that just occurs in some pregnancies. The baby was still alive after the accident, but died about 3 months later, which the insurance company also said was further evidence that it was not related because the baby would have died at the time of the accident if the accident itself was the cause.

When we took the case, we hired a pathologist who examined the pathology slides and found that the death of the baby was from the accident. Her OB doctor was also of the same opinion. The insurance company fought it but when they hired an expert, his opinion was the same as our doctors.We settled the case for the full limits of insurance of $100,000, plus we obtained an additional $25,000 from her insurance company under the underinsured portion. If you have been injured in any type of accident, you should speak with a member of our office to learn more about your right to compensation. Contact McGuire Law, PLC today and learn how we can help.