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Charged For Murder In Mason City?

Aggressive Representation From Our Mason City Criminal Defense Attorney

The crimes of murder and homicide are similar, with some variations depending on the intent of the crime. Both are charges for the killing of another, either directly or indirectly if failure to act allowed the killing to occur. A criminal homicide include both murder and manslaughter, while a non-criminal homicide could be killing someone in self defense, such as an intruder breaking into your home or an accident that results in someone’s death, such as a hunting accident where no clear violation of the law was committed.

The various types of murders and homicides include 1st degree homicide/murder, where the killing of someone was premeditated or a felony was committed along with the killing. 2nd degree murder/homicide are killing someone without premeditation. Voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter are lesser degrees of homicide, involving no prior intent.

Where To Turn For Legal Help

If you or someone you know has been accused or charged with homicide or murder it is extremely important that you obtain a highly qualified Mason City criminal defense attorney immediately so as to be able to plan the strategy for a strong defense. A conviction for homicide can result in a lifetime sentence in a state prison or even the death penalty, so beginning an investigation of the facts surrounding the crime must begin right away.

Protect Your Future & Your Freedom!

Because law enforcement will automatically conduct an intensive and thorough investigation following any murder or homicide, it is vital to retain a Mason City criminal defense attorney who has the resources and experience to properly defend you for this magnitude of crime. At McGuire Law, PLC we have been helping clients for more than 40 years by providing aggressive defense against criminal charges and have a strong reputation in Iowa court rooms.

Our highly skilled staff will evaluate every piece of evidence presented against you by the prosecution and will conduct our own investigation to pick apart their case. It takes a dedicated legal team to fight a homicide charge, and with our firm you can feel confident that we will provide you with the highest quality defense team possible.

Homicide is a very serious charge that requires a skilled defense lawyer; contact a Mason City criminal lawyer from McGuire Law, PLC for experienced and aggressive legal counsel.

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