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Neck and back injuries are some of the most common types of injuries sustained in many different types of accidents. Motor vehicle accidentsare the chief cause of neck and back injuries, as the body gets thrown about on impact, resulting in the head and spine being forcefully pushed in several directions. There are many degrees of neck and back injuries, ranging from mild to severe. Some of them are as follows:

Whiplash – the most common injury you can sustain in a car accident. When someone is struck from behind, or the side of the vehicle, the head is shifted back and forth or to the side, resulting in stiffness in the neck and back areas caused by the soft tissue surrounding the spine getting inflamed. This will limit the mobility of anyone injured in this manner and is quite painful.

Disc injury – the spine is made up of many discs that are responsible for its movement and flexibility. During a car accident or other type of forceful impact to the body, a disc may be damaged, either by slipping from its normal position, bulging outward or rupturing, causing severe neck and back pain.

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) injury – Although this is associated with the jaw, the sudden movement back and forth from an accident affected the entire area of the neck, into the muscles responsible for the movement of your jaws.

Fracture – A fracture in the spine is a serious injury, causing a severe injury such as paralysis, although it may be less severe, such as numbness, tingling and pain in the neck, back and legs.

With these types of injuries it is important to seek medical treatment, as they can become much worse if untreated. It can occur that you might not realize you are injured immediately following an accident and you realize the next day that you are having extreme pain and difficulty moving. Having a reputable Iowa personal injury attorney to assist you in presenting your claim will go far in ensuring your injury is not questioned. Our team of legal professionals will personally meet with you to discuss your claim and determine your best options for recovery.

With over 40 years serving our clients in Iowa, we have the reputation of being tough negotiators who obtain successful settlements for our clients. We serve Mason City and various surrounding communities within Iowa.

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