The Dangers of a Rollover Accident

McGuire Law, PLC

It seems that every week you hear about at least 1 or 2 rollover accidents that occur for various reasons. Often times it is the fault of the driver but sometimes there are other reasons for the rollover. For example, a Polk County jury in Des Moines, Iowa last year awarded a man $28,000,000 who was rendered a quadriplegic when he was a passenger in a rollover accident. The jury found that the tires that were manufactured by Cooper Tires were defective and that was the reason for the accident. Most of the verdict was for future care during the expected lifetime of the man who became a quadriplegic and will be paralyzed for life.

Rollovers are expected to occur occasionally and will continue to occur on a regular basis throughout the years. Often times slippery roads, gravels roads and other hazards in the road will cause the vehicle to roll over when it loses its forward traction. Most roofs on vehicles that are on our highways today are not strong enough to resist crushing down on the occupants of the vehicle when a rollover occurs. The manufacturers of the Volvo and the Volkswagen have the safest roofs of all of the manufacturers of motor vehicles in the United States and other countries.

It is important to be very cautious and to not have a false sense of security in the event that your vehicle does roll over. Hiring an experienced Des Moines personal injury attorney is essential when it comes to handling personal injury related matters. By contacting a member of our legal team you will ensure your rights are being fought for throughout the entire legal process.