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Motorcycle accidents are among the most dangerous and potentially life-threatening of all motor vehicle accidents. This is often due to the fact that motorcyclists are afforded little to no protection. Without the steel shell of a car surrounding you, you face serious or even catastrophic injuries when colliding with another vehicle, the road, or nearby objects. Severe road burns and scrapes, sprains, torn ligaments, broken bones, internal injuries, and worse can occur in motorcycle accidents.

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At McGuire Law, PLC you can get legal representation from a firm with decades of experience, including considerable time spent in courtroom litigation. When you've been injured and are dealing with the repercussions of that adversity, the last thing you need is to have to deal with insurance company tactics designed to undervalue your claim. A Mason City motorcycle accident lawyer at our firm will use proven legal ability to fight for maximized results.

The Devastating Impact of Motorcycle Accidents in Iowa

According to Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT), motorcycle license holders and registrations have been increasing steadily throughout the past few decades in the state. This increase raises the potential for motorcycle accidents as well. The DOT reports that 41 people died in motorcycle crashes in Iowa in 2013 while another 975 were injured. As of July 18, 2014, Iowa motorcycle fatalities numbered 24. In 15 of these fatalities, the rider was not wearing a helmet.

While the above statistics may not seem very bad, they are serious in light of the fact that motorcyclists make up a small percentage of all drivers. Often, motorcycle accidents are caused by passenger car drivers who fail to see or acknowledge motorcyclists or who otherwise engage in careless driving behaviors, such as texting while behind the wheel, speeding, driving drunk, or otherwise ignoring traffic laws or being inattentive. Statistics show that approximately 75 percent of all motorcycle accidents involve another car.

Get the Legal Support You Need After a Motorcycle Accident

Are you faced with enormous medical expenses, other out-of-pocket expenses, property damage to your bike, and non-financial losses involving pain, suffering, emotional distress, or more? When these consequences have been caused due to the negligence or wrongdoing of someone else, you deserve compensation for your losses and damages. After a motorcycle accident, you need answers and a legal advocate who will work solely for your best interests. With our skilledMason City personal injury lawyer, you have can ensure that you get a fair deal from the insurance company.

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