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Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect in Mason City

Guidance from Our Mason City Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the most heinous crimes is abuse and neglect of our elderly. When families place their elderly loved ones in carefully chosen nursing homes, they are expecting the best of care for those individuals. When a nursing home betrays that trust by failing to treat their residents with the respect and dignity they deserve, they should be held accountable for their actions.

What Constitutes Elderly Abuse?

By law, abuse of the elderly is defined not only as any type of physical abuse, but also as neglect or other adverse treatment that results in physical harm or mental suffering (which includes emotional distress). By consulting with a personal injury attorney serving Mason City and Iowa, you can take action to protect your loved one's right to be treated fairly.

Nursing home abuse and neglect can take many forms, however is sometimes difficult to be aware of until it has become severe. Some signs of neglect can include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Patient unclean and poorly taken care of
  • Food trays untouched
  • Call lights unanswered by caretakers
  • Overmedication
  • Bed sores
  • Multiple falls
  • Malnutrition/starvation
  • Dehydration
  • Wandering outside facility (lack of oversight)

In some cases, the abuse occurs through intentional assault by nursing home caregivers. In the worst of nursing home abuse and neglect cases, some individuals actually end up dying prematurely as a result of their poor treatment.

Taking Action to Protect the Elderly

We as a society must not allow our elderly to be abused or neglected. After long and productive lives, they deserve the best care possible when they are no longer able to care for themselves. If a loved one of yours is suffering from abuse or neglect, it is time to take legal action.

At McGuire Law, PLC, our law firm strongly believes in fighting for the rights of nursing home abuse victims. Our personal injury legal team is dedicated to aggressively pursuing compensation for any injuries or emotional trauma your loved one may have suffered. If your elderly family member died as a result of the abuse or neglect, you are likely eligible to file a wrongful death claim or lawsuit.

Contact our Mason City nursing home abuse attorney at McGuire Law, PLC so you can have someone fighting vigorously on your loved one's behalf. We offer our services to residents throughout Iowa, including residents of Mason City, Des Moines, Davenport, Sioux City and Cedar Rapids.