The at-fault Insurance Company Offered a Settlement: What Should I Do?

McGuire Law, PLC

It has been many years now that we have witnessed the growth of a monopolizing and captivating giant in our everyday lives—the insurance industry. As one of those things we can’t live without, insurance has become the center of many heated discussions, both private and public. Specifically in the field of personal injury, insurance companies tend to be the main opponent when seeking a fair and just recovery for injured victims of negligence.

Regardless of fault, insurance companies covering individuals that are liable for injuries will always seek the lowest possible payout. This is because, in turn, they will likely raise the rates for their customers, thereby maximizing the situation in their favor and increasing their revenue with minimal loses.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, chances are the insurance company for the party at fault will be contacting you early to settle. They want you to settle before you learn that you injury is a permanent injury they will ALWAYS offer a settlement that is unreasonable. They are not your friends. Insurance companies make millions each year by settling with injured individuals early. If you or a family member has been injured, give us a call to discuss what needs to be done for you to get the highest possible settlement.