Have You Suffered an Electrocution Injury in Iowa?

McGuire Law, PLC

Electrocution injuries can occur anywhere, but can often happen in a work environment. Most people would not think this is a common occurrence, but surprisingly there are numerous such injuries occurring in Iowa every year. When electrical injuries occur in the workplace, they are often related to construction projects, which might include electrical wires that are not completely covered up. (Electrocution is a type of construction accident.) Electrocution can also happen to individuals who work with electricity regularly, such as electricians, utility workers, telephone repairmen, cable installers and others. Also occurring at home, electrocution accidents can be caused by faulty wiring, either in the general wiring of the house or an appliance.

Injuries caused by an electrical accident can be quite severe and can cause brain and nerve damage, seizures, burns and even death. Whether your injury was work-related or caused by a defective productin your home or elsewhere in the state of Iowa, consulting with an Iowa injury attorney is strongly advised. There may be a number of issues that your attorney needs to review in order to ensure you are able to recover maximum payment for the damages you suffered. Our caring and dedicated lawyer at McGuire Law, PLC can work closely with you to determine your best legal options.