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Birth Injuries: Hyperbilirubinemia

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Hyperbilirubinemia, also commonly known as jaundice, is a condition that can affect newborns and which is easily treated if tested for. The Hyperbilirubinemia causes the baby's skin to appear yellow due to too much bilirubin in the blood. Bilirubin is a substance that is left behind when red blood cells break down. Newborns can have a difficult time processing bilirubin, which then builds up in the bloodstream, causing the Hyperbilirubinemia.

Although easily treated, if your medical doctor fails to diagnose this condition in your newborn, it can become quite dangerous. High levels of bilirubin in the blood can deposit proteins in the brain, resulting in irreparable brain damage. This particular type of damage is associated with neurological impairment, including cerebral palsy. It has also been associated with deafness, learning disabilities and other conditions.

If your child developed Hyperbilirubinemia that was improperly diagnosed and treated by your medical provider, you should immediately consult with an Iowa medical malpractice attorney to discover your rights to compensation.

Is the Medical Practitioner to Blame?

When a newborn displays any signs of possible jaundice or Hyperbilirubinemia in the hospital, it is the duty of the caring facility to run blood tests to ensure the levels are not too high. If they are, simple exposure to ultraviolet light by the newborn is normally enough to counter the high levels. Once a newborn is released, monitoring of the bilirubin should continue every two days to ensure it is back to normal. Proper instructions to parents on what to do at home is also vital. Unfortunately, this does not always occur and neurological damage can result.

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McGuire Law, PLC has represented numerous children and their families in cases where there was a failure to properly diagnose and/or treat hyperbilirubinemia. Our caring attorneys is equipped to provide strong and aggressive representation in order to maximize potential settlement amounts to compensate you and your family for the dire effects of this type of birth injury.

Contact us if your child was not properly diagnosed with hyperbilirubinemia. We want to help you take action so that justice is served!