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Hemiplegia Cases in Iowa

Is Your Child Suffering the Effects of Medical Malpractice?

Spastic hemiplegia is a form of cerebral palsy which affects half of the body with weakness. Hemiplegia is caused by brain damage that occurred in the womb or during birth. It can manifest right away or several months after birth. Infections in the mother during pregnancy can cause brain damage to the unborn child and lead to hemiplegia.

If medical personnel applied too much force on a child during birth, the head could have been injured, affecting the brain and causing the hemiplegia. Babies who appear normal at birth may sometimes be discovered to have spastic hemiplegia when they are around four or five months old. Awkward hand movements and developmental delay are two signs parents should look for if they suspect their baby may have hemiplegia.

If you have a child who is demonstrating problems with hand movements and developmental delays, contact an experienced Iowa birth injury attorney from McGuire Law, PLC for an assessment of the facts surrounding your child's birth and possible case for medical malpractice.

What are the effects of hemiplegia?

Someone with hemiplegia may have considerable difficulties, ranging from mild to severe. This injury can cause trouble with all of the following actions:

  • Walking
  • Balancing
  • Writing

It can also lead to stiffness and weakness of muscles on one side of the body and developmental delays. Other developmental effects are limb deformities and vision problems. Some individuals with spastic hemiplegia may experience seizures.

Approximately a quarter of all children with spastic hemiplegia have an IQ below 70 and would be considered mentally retarded. Physical therapy is the standard treatment for spastic hemiplegia, which is aimed at strengthening the muscles and preventing further muscle stiffening. Medication and surgery are also possible solutions.

Iowa Birth Injury Attorney Advocating for Birth Injury Victims

Was your child's hemiplegia caused by negligent medical personnel who did not take the proper care when delivering the baby? If so, it is important for you to take immediate action, especially since your child's condition will likely put your family in financial and emotional hardship. Your child may require lifelong care for this condition and be unable to enjoy the quality of life expected of someone without this injury.

If you are pursuing compensation for your current and future medical costs and for other damages, you are strongly advised to work with a knowledgeable Iowa medical malpractice lawyer. Our dedicated attorney can meticulously review the medical records of your baby's birth and put together a strong case for you to be able to recover damages.Taking Action Against the Negligent Medical Professional or Facility

Taking Action Against the Negligent Medical Professional or Facility

Our legal team has been helping families affected by birth injuries for many years, and we look forward to assisting you as well.

Contact McGuire Law, PLC if your baby was born with hemiplegia due to negligence on the part of medical personnel. We serve clients in and around Mason City!