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Protecting Your Visitation Rights

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When a couple divorces, one of the issues that must be addressed is the subject of visitation rights for the child or children. Under Iowa law, both parents have a right to liberal visitation rights so as to ensure the child is able to maintain physical and emotional contact with both parents. This also encourages the parents to share in the responsibilities and rights of raising their child.

If the divorce calls for joint custody, then both parents have custody of the child and a schedule must be worked out that will work for the entire family. If one parent has primary custody, with the other allowed visitation, then a suitable schedule must be worked out for the benefit of all. If you find yourself in a situation where visitation has become an issue that is not resolving, you should consult with a Mason City visitation attorney who has experience helping parents with their divorce and visitation matters.

Mason City Child Custody & Visitation Lawyer

When facing a divorce it is not always easy to work out visitation schedules with your spouse, especially if the divorce has been acrimonious. To ease the emotional hardship, not only on yourself but the children, it is best to work with a caring and skilled lawyer who can take an independent viewpoint and work with you to set up visitation that will benefit the well being of the children while still meeting the parents' needs.

McGuire Law, PLC has been helping families in the communities of Mason City, Davenport, and Sioux City for more than 40 years and is proficient at negotiating an agreement between parents for visitation that everyone can agree with.

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