Temporary Restraining Orders

Work with a Caring & Devoted Mason City Family Lawyer

In a family law matter, if you and your spouse are having difficulties and any threats or actual physical or mental abuse has occurred, or if your child is being physically abused by your spouse, you have the right to seek a temporary restraining order to protect you and your family from further harassment or harm.

This abuse can take the form of:

  • Hitting, kicking, or slapping
  • Pushing, dragging or throwing you
  • Pulling your hair
  • Child abuse (physical or sexual)
  • Emotional abuse
  • Poking you with an object or with hands
  • Throwing something at you
  • Pointing or firing a gun at you
  • Forcing unwanted sex or sexual activity on you
  • Threatening you with a knife or other weapon
  • Threatening to cause physical injury

When this type of abuse has occurred you may request a temporary restraining order to protect yourself and your family from further harm. This can be done with the assistance of a caring Mason City family law attorney who can help you to ensure the safety of you and your children and guide you carefully through a divorce. A temporary protective order will last for approximately two weeks until a full hearing is held to determine the exact circumstances that warranted the temporary restraining order. At that time a judge may grant a permanent restraining order.

Mason City Temporary Restraining Orders

Temporary restraining orders can also be issued for other reasons in a family law situation, such as to prevent assets from being removed from a bank, or to prevent a spouse from attempting to take property from the home. Whether you need a protective order for property asset protection, or to prevent physical and mental abuse, McGuire Law, PLC has the compassionate and dedicated attorneys you need to fight for your rights.

With more than 40 years of experience in Cedar Rapids, and surrounding areas, we have the skill and knowledge you need to ensure your family is protected. Contact us immediately if you or your children are victims of domestic violence in the home. We understand the sensitive nature of this situation and will work cautiously to protect you.